Office Basics

Anti-virus software is must-have protection. We provide the top picks of the best anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam software based on their virus detection abilities, features, and scope of protection.

Do you have a backup system for your files in case of a meltdown? Whatever the cause - a system crash, power surge, fire, flood, whatever -  we'll set up a backup system for all documents,media, or any other files.

Because every system is unique, we will help you evaluate these services to find the solutions best suited for your budget, your computer, and your level of experience. 

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Our computer support helps you get the most from your software. The daunting and sometimes confusing task of dealing with several applications at once is no longer necessary.   We'll answer your questions and resolve issues that may be causing problems, and install the latest updates.  Call or email for a free consultation.

Whether you prefer tutoring to learn your software or more advanced services, we'll assess your needs and provide affordable solutions.  ShkoteWeb Services will make your computer experiences more efficient and rewarding.
Custom Multimedia Presentations
Multimedia Presentation on CD
Let us create a custom presentation using your logo and graphics to create a one-of-a-kind marketing presentation for your business or organization. Presentation CD's are state-of -the art portable business tools that give your prospective clients more than just a business card.  Show them who you are and what you can provide for them!


- Professional quality presentations
- Ideal for marketing and promotions
- Cross Platform:  Windows or Mac
- Choose standard cd's in slim jewel
   cases or easy to handle business
   card cd's

Content may include images, video, product catalogs, voice narration, soundtrack, e-mail and website links.  May be html or flash based productions.
includes 50 full size
or business card CD's
Need a professional look and a presentation that'll make you shine?  Our services include designing brochures, letterhead, business cards, flyers, forms, advertising copy and more. All items include CD with master files.  Have a big meeting or presentation scheduled?  Let us develop a customized multimedia presentation for you.

We offer 25 years of experience in business management, staff supervision, accounting and payroll. These services are provided to you on an as-needed basis for small businesses and organizations which do not require regular office staff or an accountant.
We can also help you get trained to do the job yourself.

Our background includes full charge accounting, payroll, purchasing, grant writing, loan processing, and office management in a variety of business venues. Contact us for a quote.


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