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You have two options with website design:
You can have your site custom designed
or you can make a website yourself with 
Website Builder or WordPress. The do-it-
yourself route is designed to be as simple
as possible, but if you’d rather someone
else do it for you, we can do that.

Websites are stored – or “hosted” – on a
publicly-accessible computer (a server).
Some websites require an entire server
to themselves. Others can share a server
with 100s of other websites. The storage
space, and the features that come with it,
make up your hosting plan.

The perfect domain lets people know at a
glance why you're online (and why you're
awesome). Find the right domain extension
now to grab more attention and visitors.

Each and every domain name comes with
all you need to get online.

What We Do

hkote Web Design creates attractive, professional websites that won’t burn holes in your wallet, yet will meet your internet needs. Whether it’s personal use or business, our goal is to see that small businesses, community groups, non-profits, and individuals have a quality internet presence at an affordable price.

There are no hidden surprises with Shkote Web Design. You can plan your site within your budget right from the start. Our design packages include full service design, and 1-year domain registration. You don’t have to do a thing except provide your ideas and images. We’ll build it all for you!

Located in central Oklahoma, our local service range is generally from Shawnee to Konawa, Stratford, Asher, Lexington, Wayne, Purcell, Noble and Norman, but not strictly limited to these areas. For your convenience, consultations are held at your location. We are also happy to do business long distance via phone, email and online video meetings.
In addition to our custom design service, we have a full line of do-it-yourself internet products. You can register your domain, build your websit, start a blog, install website security, set up an eCommerce store, and set up your email.

You can build your own website and manage your website and hosting the way you want to. Use our Website Builder, WordPress blog builder, or Shopping Cart builder to create your perfect site. Each of these plans include hosting. If you already have a website built and just need to give it a home, pick the stand-alone hosting plan that fits your needs. Be sure to visit our store to see all the great internet products that are available!

Shkote Web Design also offers a variety of business services including logo design, brochures, flyers, forms, letterhead, and business cards. We can also create attention grabbing digital presentations, including mini-cd presentations or mini- cd business cards.